Recognition Garden

PGICA Recognition Program

September, 2017

Ed Zapke,

As I am sure you are aware, articles for the Commentator are written about a month prior to the date the newsletter is mailed. Since there was no Commentator in August, it has been almost two months since I last reminded you about the 2017 Recognition Program. I can truly say that I must practice what I have been preaching since January. Don’t put things off; they tend to slip away.

The deadline for nominations for the Class of 2017 is quickly approaching. Names must be submitted by October 2 so there is no more time to delay. Pick up forms at the PGICA Center, complete the necessary information and return it back to the office.

Some people believe things occur in groups of three. Both Major League Baseball and the National Football League have recently completed their Hall of Fame inductions. It is only fitting that, if things occur in threes, PGICA must complete its work on our own “hall of fame’.

We recognize people for their contributions both on and off the field. By that I mean, whether contributions were made within PGICA or through an outside agency will have no impact on eligibility. If you know of someone who has made our community a better place to live, please nominate them.

The rules for eligibility:

  1. Nominees, living or deceased, must currently be or have been a resident of Punta Gorda Isles.
  2. PGICA membership is not mandatory.
  3. Current members of the PGICA Board of Directors are not eligible.

As you can see, we have tried to make it simple. The nomination form is just as simple and is worth a few minutes of your time to recognize a person who has done so much for this community. Look around PGI and the City of Punta Gorda. This didn’t just happen. People, your neighbors, did it. Please, it is time to recognize their hard work.