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PGICA Facilities

Facilities Rental

by Regina Buckley, PGICA Executive Director

Building Floor Plan

We have had tremendous success renting our building to folks outside and inside the association. The rentals range from weddings to funeral receptions, corporate meetings to cookie bake offs, financial planning and birthday parties and much more.

We have developed a pricing schedule that provides members who are renting the facility for their own personal use, not for profit, like a birthday party to get a 40% discount. We decided that those who are using the building for a profit should pay the most. There is also a middle rate providing a 25% discount for organizations that are not part of PGICA but are non profit clubs such as a sailing club, a home owners association, or a church.

Rentals for the Auditorium are a 4 hour minimum; the commercial or highest rate would be $300. for that period if there were no food or beverages served. Serving food adds an additional $200. charge. There is always a refundable deposit collected in all cases, and liability insurance must be provided.

For a member, using the auditorium for personal, not for profit use would be 40% less, or $180. for the auditorium, and an additional $120. if food is served.

Smaller meeting rooms are also available, additional inquiries should be made to:

Regina Buckley, Executive Director
ReginaBuckley@pgica.org or call (941) 637-1655